Turn Key Zirconia Disc Production Set Up

Zirconia Disc Production Set Up

RAC’s most important value is quality. We design, build, and install production facilities that deliver high-precision Zirconia discs that are used in the Dental Industry. RAC has more than 35 years in manufacturing and testing of Zirconia in the dental industry. Our facilities are custom designed to meet the production supply needed and the space you have available. We have strict quality management guidelines and our experience enables our customers to have peace of mind. Interested? Let us put together a quotation for a full operational production supply chain that meets or exceeds any Zirconia technology in the world.

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Our Services

FDA submission w/ 510k assistance

RAC Corp offers a high-level approach for assistance in regulatory compliance and product analysis. We aid in the process for your medical device regulatory submissions in the US and overseas for the following:

  • FDA clearance (510(k))
  • FDA Establishment Registration and Product Listing
  • CE Marking
  • Import/Export Requirements.
General Consulting

General Consulting

RAC Corp offers assistance with any issues/inquiries for the following:

  • Zirconia Disc Production
  • Zirconia Powder
  • Dental Lab
  • Full Bisque and Sinter Parameter Evaluation
  • Polymer and Glass Evaluation
  • Full Material Properties/Characteristic (Flexural Strength, K1C, Translucency, LaB etc.)
  • New Technology Development and Testing