Zirconia Disc Production Set Up

Zirconia Disc Production Set Up

Zirconia Disc Production Set Up

RAC’s most important value is quality. We design, build, and install production facilities that deliver high-precision Zirconia discs that are used in the Dental Industry. RAC has more than 35 years in manufacturing and testing of Zirconia in the dental industry. Our facilities are custom designed to meet the production supply needed and the space you have available. We have strict quality management guidelines and our experience enables our customers to have peace of mind. Interested? Let us put together a quotation for a full operational production supply chain that meets or exceeds any Zirconia technology in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost for making my own zirconia disc?

Depending on what type of Zirconia powder you use, the cost to produce a 12mm disc is $15.50 - $24.00 ea.

What are the capabilities of zirconia I can make (Multilayer, pre shaded...ext.)?

The press can produce Multilayer, pre-shaded or White Zirconia Disc’s.

Do you help with the formulations for the zirconia I will produce?

Yes, our material engineers can dial in all the shades as well as help with filing a FDA 510K.

What equipment will I need for the Zirconia Production Facility?

A Hydraulic Press, Bisque furnaces (1-3 units depending on the amount of discs needed), Inspection and handling equipment.

How many blanks will a facility yield?

One (1) press and 3 Bisque Furnaces will produce 3,600 discs a month. One (1) press with one (1) bisque furnace will produce 1,500 Zirconia discs a month.

What is the turnaround time for a zirconia disc?

The hydraulic press will press 1 disc in 25 seconds. Then a full load of discs are bisque fired for 2.5 days for binder burn-out.

Do you help with FDA filings?

Yes we will help you file the correct 510K documents with the FDA.

How large of a space do I need to build the facility?

A facility of 1200 square feet would be a minimum size that is needed.

Do you help with the purchase of the raw material?

Yes we have contractual relationship with the Zirconia powder supplies that offers great pricing.

Can I finance this?

Yes, finance payment can start in 6 months after the equipment is purchased.

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