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    • Sabrenite™ is an excellent coating that provides lubricity and superior wear and corrosion resistance.
    • Our technology has a very low residual stress, which provides for the best adhesion and ductility.
    • Sabrenite™ combines high hardness, low friction coefficient, and low residual stress to resist abrasive and excessive wearing when machining PMMA/PEEK materials.
    • RAC's Sabrenite™ is an extremely hard, inert, thin film coating that is applied to offer greater temperature resistance when milling PMMA/PEEK materials.




    TALONITE® CAD CAM Milling Burs are specifically engineered to meet the demands of today's digital milling processes for Zirconia. Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) Diamond Coating ensures increased bur life. In addition, the cutting efficiency, cutting speeds, and the workpiece quality are significantly improved.

    Chemical Vapor Deposition - CVD Diamond Coated

    • Highest quality cutting tool in the market that shows a bur life lasting up to 5X the bur life of a normal OEM tungsten carbide bur.
    • Bur milling life is 500-700 units depending on the type of indication.


    Our Team

    Our Team

  • RAC Corporation is a technology-based company that has the ability to design, develop & manufacture products utilizing proprietary advanced ceramics and composite materials.
  • RAC has extensive experience in assembling dental ceramic manufacturing production lines in the United States and around the world.

  • The Corporation has over 35 years experience developing biomaterials in the dental industry.
  • Our Services

    Our Services

    Turn Key Zirconia Disc Production

    • Facility Design
    • Pre Construction Due Diligence
    • Development of Production Line
    • Full Installation and Testing
    • 510k FDA Submission Service
    General Consulting

    • Pre & Post Lab Material Evaluation
    • Research, Development, & Testing of Materials
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