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    Sabrenite™ Properties

    Sabrenite™ Properties

    • Sabrenite™ is an excellent coating that provides lubricity and superior wear and corrosion resistance.
    • Our technology has a very low residual stress, which provides for the best adhesion and ductility.
    • Sabrenite™ combines high hardness, low friction coefficient, and low residual stress to resist abrasive and excessive wearing when machining PMMA/PEEK materials.
    • RAC's Sabrenite™ is an extremely hard, inert, thin film coating that is applied to offer greater temperature resistance when milling PMMA/PEEK materials.


    Our Team

    Our Team

  • RAC Corporation is a technology-based company that has the ability to design, develop & manufacture products utilizing proprietary advanced ceramics and composite materials.
  • RAC has extensive experience in assembling dental ceramic manufacturing production lines in the United States and around the world.

  • The Corporation has over 35 years experience developing biomaterials in the dental industry.
  • Our Services

    Our Services

    Turn Key Zirconia Disc Production

    • Facility Design
    • Pre Construction Due Diligence
    • Development of Production Line
    • Full Installation and Testing
    • 510k FDA Submission Service
    General Consulting

    • Pre & Post Lab Material Evaluation
    • Research, Development, & Testing of Materials
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