RAC Corporation

Refill Burs for Zirconia Kit

RAC Corporation

Refill Burs for Zirconia Kit

Individual Bur Refill for Zirconia Adjustment Kit

DB-018 = Diamond Bur Ball, Diamond Grits

DB-023 = Diamond Bur Football, Diamond Grits

DB-021 = Diamond Bur Tapered, Diamond Grits 

PB-534 = Polishing Cups Black, Diamond Grits 

PB-514 = Polishing Cups Maroon, Diamond Grits 

PB-494 = Polishing Cups White, Diamond Grits 

PC-534 = Polishing Cone Black, Diamond Grits 

PC-514 = Polishing Cone Maroon, Diamond Grits 

PC-494 = Polishing Cone White, Diamond Grits 

The head of the Football, Round and Tapered Burs are composed of Nickel Carbide (C = 62% / Ni = 38%)

The Polishing Cups are composed of Silicone Carbide (SiC = 65% / C = 35%)

The shanks on each Bur and Polishing Cup are composed of 304 SS (Stainless Steel)