Talonite® CAD CAM Milling Burs

"Designed Stronger to Mill Zirconia Longer"

TALONITE® CAD CAM Milling Burs are specifically engineered to meet the demands of today's digital milling processes for Zirconia. Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) Diamond Coating ensures increased bur life. In addition, the cutting efficiency, cutting speeds, and the workpiece quality are significantly improved. TALONITE® TECH is the preferred choice for dental lab milling burs offering the very best quality, price, and service - directly to your lab! 

RAC Corporation initiated testing to be done on the CVD Diamond Coating of the Talonite® CAD CAM Milling Burs. This variable was examined against OEM and the top 2 burs on the market sold by Competitors A & B.

From the results shown above, the specific CVD Diamond Coating process by RAC Corporation yields the purest diamond coating of milling tools available on the market.



“We love the burs. We got some good feedback on the Axsys burs running between 30-35 hours. The DentMills ran between 25-30 hours. Both outperforming their competitors.”
Sam Hefley - Barksdale Dental Lab
“Great product at a great price.”
Skyler King – Epic Dental Studio
“Love the quality and cost of the burs for my Imes Icore. Have had no issues on parameters and the life of the burs have been fantastic. Keep up the great work.”
Ryan Hoffman – Gordon Dental