Thorsite™ Hybrid AlCrN Coated Burs

Thorsite™ Milling tools have been developed with a new hybrid AlCrN based-coating that is ideal for milling Titanium and Cobalt-Chrome dental materials.

Thorsite™ millings tools are specially designed and processed to provide extended wear and high strength in high-speed machining applications of Titanium and Cobalt-Chrome materials.

Using state of the art coating processes, each tool is engineered with optimum coating adhesion, high thermal shock stability, and is optimal for highly stressed cutting edges.

Thorsite™ Hybrid OPTIMIZED PERFORMANCE Coating

Technology Benefit
Latest in Etching Technology Optimized coating adhesion results in high-level reliability when machining titanium and cobalt-chrome dental materials
Balancing of residual stress and coating hardness High thermal shock stability
Dual-Layer structure Increased oxidization resistance
High Abrasion-resistance improved hardness Significantly lengthened tool lifetimes as compared to common high-performance coatings
Durable and very smooth surface Extremely high tool cutting edge-stability