Cequin™ PMMA

RAC is proud to now start offering Cequin™ PMMA, available in both monochromatic shade and multilayered PMMA dental discs. The Cequin™ PMMA multilayer is an ultra-aesthetic temporary material that combines 10 plus layers of colors into one disc, giving the restoration the most natural look possible. The top of the gradient disc is lighter and very translucent (incisal) and gradually shades down to the bottom that is darker (cervical).

Cequin™ PMMA discs are uniquely designed for strength and aesthetics. For use in long-term provisional crowns and bridges of any span, fully anatomical or reduced, in the anterior or posterior, with up to two pontics as well as bite splints with dental CAD/CAM milling systems.

Available in 98.5 mm diameter in 20 mm and 25mm thickness in the following 6 shades: A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, BL2 at a very competitive price point.